Sunday, December 28, 2008

Merry Christmas

Hello everyone, so it has been brought to my attention that I suck! I know I am going down in the hall of fame for worst blogger ever! We have managed to keep ourselves super busy lately!

Joe and I celebrated our 6Th wedding anniversary! Then we had a great Thanksgiving at Joe's brothers' house. We have had Christmas parties and Christmas shopping! Then I decided to make gifts on Christmas eve. They didn't work so thank heavens I had already done my shopping! I have had training meetings twice a week for two weeks in November and December which means we get home for work at 10pm!

We have had nothing but snow for a week, maybe two! So I can't wait for summer or to move somewhere warmer than here!!

While Christmas shopping Joe wanted to boys to buy him Ammo. So we went one Saturday to the store he suggested. We walked in and Ammon goes, "Excuse me we want to buy my daddy ammo." I showed to guy the list Joe made me and as he is getting it for us Ammon has a concerned look on his face and then says "I hope this is free, cause my mommy doesn't have any money!" I told him it was okay that I had taken money from daddy.

I had so many stories in my head and now I can't remember anything that has happened to us! The boys have had ear infections, draining and all! Well I need to go the boys are getting into trouble! Hope you all had a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Just an up date.

Just a quick update, because I am exhausted! I got hired on at a daycare/preschool last week and today was my first day! It was 8 hours of diaper changing! We are allowed 8, 1 year olds in our class and we are required to change their diapers every hour. By the time you get through it is time to start over! I was supposed to start as a floater and just help out where ever they needed me. But when I walked in today the lady in charge told me that she changed her mind and put me full time in the toddler class. This is seriously one of the best jobs ever! Playing with kids all day and getting payed for it! Plus my kids get to go with me! They are in different classes, but we cross paths a couple times a day! Jacob is loving it, besides the crossing paths and being reminded that I am near and he can't have me. Ammon is like mommy who? He has 15 kids his age in his class, the poor kid is in heaven! This morning when we were getting ready he said mom I am going to make 20 new friends today! Jacob threw himself to the floor and started a fit! " I no friends mommy, I no friends" Now that we are home he is proud that he did make friends, and is even willing to go back tomorrow!

Joe got a raise at Cal-Ranch and they are training him for management positions. He loves Cal-Ranch and can't wait to progress there! He enjoys the work, even though it isn't law enforcement! We aren't making as much as we are used to or were expecting. And I did have to go back to work, but we are enjoying the changes. The boys love that they get to see daddy more and I like that he gets to spend more time here as well.

I didn't get Halloween pictures this year because we were running around getting things ready for Preschool and work. Jacob needed 3 shots and I had to get a TB test. By the time we were finished it was time to trick or treat main street. Then it was off to the ward Trunk or Treat. We got home and the boys just flopped! They were cowboys again. They started out being hunters riding horses, but by the end of the day the guns were busted, and they wanted their cowboy hats. So let pretend that my picture is new (it is would look very similar). But we did go to a "Bulloween" (Halloween Rodeo) where the bull riders dressed up. Ammon had a blast, they even had a costume contest for the kids and the riders. I did manage to get a few pictures there. I will try and post them later. I am having difficulties at the moment.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

How Not To Be Sneaky

Ammon and I decided to make cookies and give them to our neighbors and friends. So we made ghost, cat, and pumpkin cookies. We put them on plates, made copies of some cute Halloween poems. Then I explained that we need to deliver them in the dark and run so that they wouldn't know that it was us! He asked why and I told him that it would be more fun for it to be a surprise I also told him that when he saw them not to mention the cookies!

First we went to his friend Mary's house who lives on a corner, I helped him put the cookies on the porch. I told him to ring the doorbell and to meet me around the corner. Well he ran as far as their driveway before he started crying cause he couldn't see me. So I tell him "Mommy is over here just keep running. Well I am sure that we got busted, even if they didn't see us we weren't very quite!

Then we went to the house next to us. This should be easy..... It is a duplex where one lives upstairs and one lives downstairs. So by the time we get home they should just be answering the door. So my thinking was to put both plates down, ring both doorbells and to run back to our house. Well it wasn't that easy... Ammon only rings one bell, so I hurry and ring the other bell. Then I whisper for him to run across the grass. Well their lawn was wet so Ammon slipped. I tried to pick him up and continue to run, but slipped as well. We ended up rolling on their lawn and laughing. We get to our porch just as their door opens. I think man we again are busted!

Well yesterday they were outside as we were leaving and Ammon ran over to say hi to them. Then she tells me thanks for the cookies. I laugh and tell her that we really tried to be sneaky. She laughs and said we didn't know who they were from, but Ammon just told me it was him and asked if I liked the cookies he left.

The moral of the story is if you plan on doing things in secret, keep the secret from your kids!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Win a Handbag!

This company is giving a way a handbag an hour on their opening day! You can pick this bag or chose from 23 different ones! Just go to to enter.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Well we have had an emotional few weeks around here! For those of you who don't know, Joe has been trying to get on at the prison off and on for years. He gave up and decided to help some friends open a motor home rental company. He has felt like things weren't going well with the owners and was tired of how they treated him. So he decided it was time to try again! He got further than before! We even thought he was hired! They sent him a letter welcoming him into the academy and even issued him his uniform! Well on Monday (my 30th birthday) we got a letter in the mail saying that they were taking back their offer of employment!

In the mean time the Rental company feel apart and we were OK, because the final owner kept him on until the end of the month! Here we were thinking that we were finally where we wanted to be! On Joe's way to his dream job, and got a huge smack in the face! I know that when the Lord shuts a door he opens an other, but right now we can't see it and I hope that he doesn't wait as long as he has before! I was so excited that I even let my guard down and started to look into houses for sell, by both Prisons!

He wrote the warden a letter telling how much he wanted to be in law enforcement. He has a friend that works at the prison that put it on the wardens desk for him. It's a long shot but we are praying that it softens the wardens heart and he re offers Joe his job! In the mean time Joe is looking for a new job. And the thought that I may need to get a job to help out terrifies me!

Joe has been working the night shift at Cal-Ranch to earn some extra play money. So at least we have a little income, but not enough to pay all the bills! They have offered him more hours to help out until something better is found! In fact they are opening a store in West Jordan and are looking for an assistant manager. His boss told him that he should apply! Which is actually a really good option! He would still like to get on at the prison, but this would pay the bills and put us closer to the prison!

I am awake to night because I have a horrible earache! And with out insurance I can't afford the medicine to make it go away! At least it's me and not the boys I guess! So far being 30 sucks! At least we have alot of suportive family and friends! If it wasn't for them I probably would have had a huge mental break down along time ago! But I need to get on to a happier subject!

For my birthday I wanted the book BRISINR. I asked Joe if he would get it for me early and he kept telling me that we had to wait until he started the prison. He brought it home for me last week!

Ammon and Jacob are as cute as ever! Jacob can say his name now, and telles me that Ammon is his! I will hug Ammon and Jacob will walk over and say "Mommy, top (stop) dat Acobs Abba." In fact the other day I asked him how Mommy's Jacob was and he said "I dadda's Acob."
Monday when I couldn't stop crying Ammon gave me a hug and asked me what was wrong. I didn't dare tell him, but he told me that I would be OK. Cause it was my birthday, so I need to be happy! I tryied to explain today why daddy was home and he said, "But my daddy is going to start school to be a policeman." I told him that they told him no, and that was why I was crying yesterday. He said "mommy that is why I was crying too!"

I need to learn to always have my camera with me. Also not to lose my temper and take pictures of the things they do! It has been a while since this happened, and I didn't take pictures. I think it was right before Shannon's wedding. I had just gotten my hair colored for the wedding. The next day I was making my bed and getting the needed item's ready to take with us. When Ammon commes running into my bed room. "Mom come see Jacob's new hair." Thinking that we were just in a game of pretend I follow him into the bathroom. Where before I get there I smell one of my Victoria Secret lotions. Then there is Jacob standing in the tub with Yellow hair! Ammon had used most of my travel sized lotion to "wash" Jacob's hair for me! Even though I gave him a real bath and really washed his hair he smelled like my lotion for days!

Well I have gotten a good cry out and the Asprin I took is starting to kick in! So I will let you all know when things start to look better for us!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Farmer's Market

I would love to say that since Shannon got married we have taken time to relax, but we haven't. I have been watching My brother Scott's 3 girls everyday. Which makes 5 kids ages 5 to 4 months! Plus Ammon started reading school the first of September. He wasn't very happy that he couldn't go to 7 Peaks anymore, he said but mom 7 peaks is funner! It has started to get cold again so he has quit fighting me about going swimming, but is already making plans for next year. He asks how much longer before school is over! I can't believe it he is only 4 and the fight to get him to school has only started!! Joe laughs and says welcome to the next 13 years!
My dad hardly has a day off let alone a Saturday, but he got yesterday off and came and took us for a ride in his "JEEEP" Jacob loves Papa, but he loves the jeeep maybe more. He runs around the house singing "Papa jeeep, go go Papa Jeeeep! Papa jeeep go go home papa jeeep go go!"
So yesterday a park in Provo has what they call Farmers market and allot of people go sell stuff. From home made aprons, pillow cases, saddles, to fruits and vegis. They also have people there selling food and treats. The boys wanted everything.... especially the cotton candy, but most of all they just wanted us to hurry so they could go play!
Jacob thinks he is as big as Ammon! Which is super scary for me! He can't be that big, not yet!

Jacob getting a ride on his Papa. It's not the Jeep, but it will do!

Ammon convinced me to buy them some cotton candy! Which I should have gotten a picture of, he told the lady that he wanted it a little big cause he had to share with his brother! The thing was huge! I had to hold the top so that it didn't fall!

I had to get this picture, because Ammon is my clean freak!! He hates being dirty, even a little. He used to change his clothes, 2 or 3 times a day because something was spilt on him! I have since convinced him that water doesn't get you dirty! Plus a little dirt wont kill you if you're not leaving the house! Right after I took this he said "OK mom now give me the baby wipes so that I can get unsticky!"

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Twitchell

On Saturday Aug. 16, my little sister Shannon was married in the Manti, Utah Temple. Everything about the day was beautiful! My mother in-law lives about 30 minutes away so she came and stayed with the kids so that my brother and I could go to the temple. My mom and I got the opportunity to go into the brides room and help her get ready. After the ceremony one of the temple workers took some of our group to see the spiral stair case. This was nice for me since Joe and I were sealed in the room just off the stair case! Then I was able to go and again help her get ready for pictures! I know these pictures aren't the best, but I hope you can get an idea of how beautiful she was! She has said that when they get the pictures from the photographer she will get me some better ones to post.

This is the best picture of how pretty her dress was!

This is both sets of parents

This is our family

This is a picture of her nieces and nephews. Front is Ammon age 4, Samantha (Sammie) age 2, Cassandra (Cassie) age 5. Shannon, Audrina (Audrie) 3 months old, Dennis, Jacob age 2.

This is Shannon holding Audrie

I was kept pretty busy at the reception and was unable to take pictures, but again it was amazing! Shannon decided to have cake and ice cream! It was a huge hit and everyone loved the toppings she picked out! They also had a carriage ride, which Ammon loved!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lessons Learned

So we have been really busy the last few weeks helping Shannon. Ammon has been a big helper as well, but has said some things to impress me!

I had snuck an ice cream cone out of my parents freezer and went into the computer room to eat it in peace while I looked up stuff on the Internet. Ammon comes in and catches me and this is the conversation.

Ammon "Mom what are you eating"
Me "Ice cream"
Ammon "Can I have a bite"
Me "No"
Ammon "We're family so you need to share. Sharing is what families do mom!"
Me "OK, you can have some!"

Then my dad has been car pooling the last couple of weeks. So we have been taking his Jeep to do all the wedding shopping and appointments. It kinda of defeated my dad's reason for carpooling, but was a major help! I had made a list of items needed, and errands to run. Ammon asked what we were doing and was told that we needed to go to a few stores. We got off the bus and the Jeep was gone, which I all ready knew about, but when Ammon saw the Jeep wasn't there he went into the house and told my mom
"Grandma the Jeep is gone, how are we supposed get all the shopping done?"
My mom replies "Aunt Shannon's car is here we can take that"
Ammon doesn't hesitate, "NO! That is stealing, When you take things with out asking it's stealing!! And we can't steal Aunt Shannon's car!!"
I had to try and not laugh. I say,"but Ammon her keys are right here on the table for us."
"No, mom we can't take her car!!"
"Ammon, remember when we were waiting for the bus and my phone rang"
"Well it was Aunt Shannon telling me that in order to get the list done faster she was going with Scott to do some of it and she was leaving her car for us to do part of it. So we have her permission to take it."
Ammon looks at me for a minute, " Well OK, but we can only go to the places Shanna said"

We decided to walk to Seven Peaks last week with Aunt Shannon, Uncle Scottie, Sammie, and Cassie. As we got near the park Scott's daughter Cassie says to me "When I grow up I am going to be a lifegaurd. And when I get fired from that I will be a Rock Star. And when I get fired from that I will be a lifegaurd again."

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rest and Relaxation

This week Joe's parents came up from the Mount Pleasant/Manti Area and took the boys home with them for a few days. I was nervous at first since this was Jacob's first time from me, and he is kinda a mamma's boy. He did really well, but he did have his Abba (Ammon) with him. They had a ton of fun with Papa and Grandma. Grandma works for Head Start so on the 24th of July they were able to ride in the Head Start bus in the parade. They threw toys out the windows and had a blast! Grandma also took them to the Museum in Fairview. They played outside allot. Jumping on the trampoline, swinging, playing in the water and just being with Aunt Amy Joanne and Grandma. They roasted Marshmallows and Hot Dogs! They have chickens and a horse. So the boys were in heaven. When Debi asked Jacob Sunday morning if he was ready to come home and he said "uhha aaah" meaning no way!

Joe and I had fun! We were able to go to two movies and spend time together! I was able to do allot of shopping with Shannon! We got so much wedding stuff done that we couldn't do with the boys! We missed the boys, but enjoyed the time we had. By Saturday I didn't know what to do with myself, so I sat down and read a book! I don't remember the last time I was able to start and finish a book!

Sunday morning the boys were home! Just in time to help get things ready for some of their uncles to go shooting with Joe. We got the food ready for dinner so that we could eat when they got back. It was great to see David, Amy Dawn and their son Kolton. As well as Uncle Michael! Kolton and Jacob are 12 days apart, so it is fun when we can get them together! Sadly we don't see them as much as we like, but we do enjoy the times that we can get together!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Super Hero Helpers

The last week we have been busy, but have found time to play. Ammon has been wanting to help with house work. He wanted to make dinner with me. So we made tacos and I let him put the sour cream and cheese on the shells. He thought that was the best dinner ever! He also loves to vacuum the front room for me.

Then Ammon and Jacob love to pretend! Most of yesterday they were Batman and Superman. They were haveing fun flying (running) up and down the hall. I was doing dishes when I hear Ammon say "Oh no mom, Batman (Jacob) just fell from the clouds." So I went to check on Batman, who never lets falling stop him from going again. Just as I start to head back to the kitchen I see Superman (Ammon) push Batman and of course he falls. This time he is alot slower to stand back up. Then Ammon says "Mom, Batman fell from the clouds again and I think he might be hurt." He was fine and got up flying again.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy 4th of July

We've had a pretty busy week. My cousin's kids came over and we rode the bus to 7 Peaks where we had fun in the water. Plus I have been trying to help my sister Shannon with wedding plans, it's slowly coming along.

For the 4th of July my dad's boss gave him tickets to the breakfast/balloon launch in Provo. So he came and picked me and the boys up at 6am. After breakfast we went to my parents house which is a couple blocks from the Provo parade route. We walked to the parade where we sat with Scott and his family, and Shannon. I had to keep an eye on Ammon because he kept trying to run out and pet any horse that walked by!

On Saturday my dad's work had a party at Lagoon. So We spent all day at Lagoon with our cousins! It was fun, but Ammon wanted to do all the big scary roll a costers, that he was to short for. He was able to do a few "scary" ones that His cousin Cassie (who is tall enough to do most rides) wanted nothing to do with. And Jacob wasn't tall enough to hang out with the other kids so we stayed at kiddy land. And he hated being seperated from his brother! Silly me left the camera with my mom, but was able to capture just how exhusting the trip was! We walked in and I asked Ammon to go potty and get his PJ's on, then I went back to get stuff out of the car. When I came back Ammon had passed out in front of the toilet!

Well my kids are "killing" each other (with fake guns), but usually that ends in a fist fight so I am off for the week.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

You're My Friend

This is my Aunt Dorine and the boys on the train at the reunion. I had Ammon sit on her lap on one of the hay rides and he feel in love with her! The rest of the night he held her hand and kept saying your my friend! Then of course Jacob didn't want to be left of the action. Thanks Dorine, I love the pictures!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Family Reunion

We spent the weekend in Heber at a McDaniel family reunion. It was a lot of fun, my grandfather's brother and sisters where here from Minnesota, and Oklahoma. It was fun to meet them and see some of the cousins that we haven't seen for a long time!

We went to Jordanelle on Saturday and played in the water, where Ammon was bit by a spider! By noon his eye was starting to swell. I gave him some Allergy medication. Then we went on a train ride. We stopped and had dinner and a hay ride. This was Ammon's favorite part, we had to ride it a couple times. I noticed that his eye was getting bigger so on the way back to the train station we decide to go the hospital, where we were instructed to give Benadryl and keep ice on it. By Sunday morning his eye was swollen shut! So we decided to pack up camp early! We gave him Benadryl and had him lay on ice packs for the rest of the day. Today he looks so much better!