Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Savvy shopping

So I have a new passion that I feel I need to let everyone in on! You have seen the crazy coupon people at the grocery store. Well I have joined them.... I know what some of you are thinking remember I worked in grocery store for 11 years! I have tried before, but found that the not name brand things were cheaper than using a coupon. Plus as a former customer service person I hated couponers! I hated the big adds that I now live for, but with one income and three boys in the house I need to save on the grocerys!

Then I found this web site www.Savvyshopperdeals.com she tells you what coupons to use and were to use them! She also tells you the percent you save and how much it is after the coupon! Last week I went to Albertson's and spent $51.49 my saving were $107.58. I got cereal for 0.25 cents a box and free milk! Then I went and bought the few items I needed at Smith's and saved 70%. At Rite Aid I bought tooth brushes for 25 cents! And it's not one of the sites that you pay for it is FREE. All you do is buy the Sunday paper for the coupons and she emails you every Monday and Wednesday with the sales and what coupons to use! I am pretty sure that you don't need to be in Utah county to use this site, as long as you have the major grocery stores around, since at least for Albertson's the weekly add is regional (Washington, Idaho, Utah, and Arizona). And the coupons I believe are national! I checked out the Grocery Guru too, but from what I saw he only did Albertson's and wasn't as detailed as the savvy shopper! I just click on what I need and then I can print out the list of where to go, what coupons to use! So simple!!! It has changed my view on the couponers! Hopefully some of you will find this useful and find the fun in the addiction!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Best Buddies

I started this entry about three weeks ago, but haven't' had the chance to finish it so I hope you all enjoy these stories.....

I don't have a ton of time today, but if I don't write now I probably wont write at all. I just have a few story's about the boys.

First Jacob woke up this morning, by morning I mean 2AM. He tried to open our bedroom door, but couldn't. So I figured he just went back to bed. A few minutes later Ammon comes in with him. "Mom, Jacob woke me up cause he needs you." Once I had Jacob Ammon went back to bed with out a complaint.

This morning while I was getting ready Jacob asked where we were going. I told him that Ammon had a doctors appointment. He looks at me and says "Where I go?" Usually my mom goes to play with the kid that isn't seeing the doctor, but she is working today so I get both kids. I told him that he is going with us. Then he says "I hold Ammon's hand and tell the doctor not to hurt him." Then he found Ammon and told him "At the doctors you be okay cause I hold your hand and make sure they don't hurt you." The doctors appointment today is for Ammon's warts, he has over 10 on both hands. We went three weeks ago and started a hyper omun treatment that is supposed to be more effective and less painful. Today we are applying it to the warts and the doctor is going to show me how to do it at home. Then every week we apply it and the warts should go away in a few weeks to a month!

At the doctor Jacob remembered what he had promised his brother. He went up to the doctor and said "Don't hurt my brother." The doctor reassured him that this wasn't going to hurt, in fact Ammon wouldn't feel a thing. Then the doctor has Ammon sit on the table and starts to apply the medication. Jacob freaks out, I ask him what is wrong and he says "Ammon needs me to hold his hand." The doctor turns to him and says, "I need his hands, but you can hold his foot." So Jacob stood there holding his brothers foot. It was so sweet....Now if only they treated each other like this all the time especially at home or while grocery shopping!

Ammon told me the other day that when he gets married and his wife is at the hospital having a baby girl he is going to name her Heather after me. Also he has a friend that's mom had a baby 4 months early. The baby is doing better, but still isn't able to come home from the hospital. So we have been having this over a couple times a week so that his parents can go to the hospital. While we were outside one day when it was actually nice outside, the boys were pretending that Ammon was the dad and his friend Chance was his baby. Ammon comes over and sits next to me and says, "Wow, they grow up so fast. Don't they" I smiled at him and said "You have no idea!"

We went and registered Ammon for kindergarten last week and much to my suprise Jacob was excited he said "Ammon this is your school, not mine" And everytime we drive or walk past it Jacob gets excited and points it out to him. I just hope he is still excited when he relizes that he will be home alone, with me. They are best friends and Jacob doesn't like it when Ammon isn't at his side. We took Ammon to a primary party and Jacob freeked out that we left Ammon some where and couldn't wait for the chance to go pick him up.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Catching Everyone Up

Sorry it has been so long everyone! We have been super busy! I am no longer working which has only meant more time to clean house! I have been trying to potty train Jacob. We aren't accident prof, but we are getting close!

We took the boys shooting on one of Joe's days off. They had fun, but enjoyed looking for brass more.
We also went to Joe's parents house for a visit. We love to go down there, but don't always get the chance. The boys had a blast making art with grandma, but Ammon's favorite thing was the scooter he got for his birthday!

My dad took the boys and me to a BYU hockey game. Which was way to much fun! Jacob wont stop talking about it. "Hockey, we go hockey game." We sat next to the penalty box for the other team. Ammon sat and played with the people in the box. I tried to get pictures, but my camera was to slow.

We also took a drive out to Vernal to see what it is like. Joe applied for a management position in the new Vernal Cal-Ranch. The store will open in May so we will hopefully find out soon and let you know if we are moving or not. While in Vernal we took the boys to the dinosaur museum. They had a blast, but Jacob was tired so by the end he didn't want anything to do with the scary dinosaurs.

We celebrated Ammon's Fifth Birthday on the first of March. We took him to Chuck E Cheese. Has been dieing to go there for at least six months. They had so much fun Jacob wants to go back for his Birthday! He walks around the house talking about winning tickets and playing the games.

Also on the first of March Joe's brother David and wife Amy Dawn had another boy. That makes 4 grandson and girls. So we went to South Jordan and saw the cute new baby! Oh how I love babies to bad we are done! And to bad they don't stay that little I miss the sweet little baby Cryes!

Joe was made President of his Masonic Lodge for the year. Which has added to our busy lives. I swear we have some kind of function every week. Well maybe not, but at least one or two a month! This month has been very full of them! The kids love when we can take them, but also love the grown up only ones that they get to grandma and grandpa Mac's.

I think that this is most of what we have been up to! I am going to hopefully be better at writing every week, but I guess we will see how next week goes!