Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mr. and Mrs. Twitchell

On Saturday Aug. 16, my little sister Shannon was married in the Manti, Utah Temple. Everything about the day was beautiful! My mother in-law lives about 30 minutes away so she came and stayed with the kids so that my brother and I could go to the temple. My mom and I got the opportunity to go into the brides room and help her get ready. After the ceremony one of the temple workers took some of our group to see the spiral stair case. This was nice for me since Joe and I were sealed in the room just off the stair case! Then I was able to go and again help her get ready for pictures! I know these pictures aren't the best, but I hope you can get an idea of how beautiful she was! She has said that when they get the pictures from the photographer she will get me some better ones to post.

This is the best picture of how pretty her dress was!

This is both sets of parents

This is our family

This is a picture of her nieces and nephews. Front is Ammon age 4, Samantha (Sammie) age 2, Cassandra (Cassie) age 5. Shannon, Audrina (Audrie) 3 months old, Dennis, Jacob age 2.

This is Shannon holding Audrie

I was kept pretty busy at the reception and was unable to take pictures, but again it was amazing! Shannon decided to have cake and ice cream! It was a huge hit and everyone loved the toppings she picked out! They also had a carriage ride, which Ammon loved!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lessons Learned

So we have been really busy the last few weeks helping Shannon. Ammon has been a big helper as well, but has said some things to impress me!

I had snuck an ice cream cone out of my parents freezer and went into the computer room to eat it in peace while I looked up stuff on the Internet. Ammon comes in and catches me and this is the conversation.

Ammon "Mom what are you eating"
Me "Ice cream"
Ammon "Can I have a bite"
Me "No"
Ammon "We're family so you need to share. Sharing is what families do mom!"
Me "OK, you can have some!"

Then my dad has been car pooling the last couple of weeks. So we have been taking his Jeep to do all the wedding shopping and appointments. It kinda of defeated my dad's reason for carpooling, but was a major help! I had made a list of items needed, and errands to run. Ammon asked what we were doing and was told that we needed to go to a few stores. We got off the bus and the Jeep was gone, which I all ready knew about, but when Ammon saw the Jeep wasn't there he went into the house and told my mom
"Grandma the Jeep is gone, how are we supposed get all the shopping done?"
My mom replies "Aunt Shannon's car is here we can take that"
Ammon doesn't hesitate, "NO! That is stealing, When you take things with out asking it's stealing!! And we can't steal Aunt Shannon's car!!"
I had to try and not laugh. I say,"but Ammon her keys are right here on the table for us."
"No, mom we can't take her car!!"
"Ammon, remember when we were waiting for the bus and my phone rang"
"Well it was Aunt Shannon telling me that in order to get the list done faster she was going with Scott to do some of it and she was leaving her car for us to do part of it. So we have her permission to take it."
Ammon looks at me for a minute, " Well OK, but we can only go to the places Shanna said"

We decided to walk to Seven Peaks last week with Aunt Shannon, Uncle Scottie, Sammie, and Cassie. As we got near the park Scott's daughter Cassie says to me "When I grow up I am going to be a lifegaurd. And when I get fired from that I will be a Rock Star. And when I get fired from that I will be a lifegaurd again."