Sunday, September 14, 2008

Farmer's Market

I would love to say that since Shannon got married we have taken time to relax, but we haven't. I have been watching My brother Scott's 3 girls everyday. Which makes 5 kids ages 5 to 4 months! Plus Ammon started reading school the first of September. He wasn't very happy that he couldn't go to 7 Peaks anymore, he said but mom 7 peaks is funner! It has started to get cold again so he has quit fighting me about going swimming, but is already making plans for next year. He asks how much longer before school is over! I can't believe it he is only 4 and the fight to get him to school has only started!! Joe laughs and says welcome to the next 13 years!
My dad hardly has a day off let alone a Saturday, but he got yesterday off and came and took us for a ride in his "JEEEP" Jacob loves Papa, but he loves the jeeep maybe more. He runs around the house singing "Papa jeeep, go go Papa Jeeeep! Papa jeeep go go home papa jeeep go go!"
So yesterday a park in Provo has what they call Farmers market and allot of people go sell stuff. From home made aprons, pillow cases, saddles, to fruits and vegis. They also have people there selling food and treats. The boys wanted everything.... especially the cotton candy, but most of all they just wanted us to hurry so they could go play!
Jacob thinks he is as big as Ammon! Which is super scary for me! He can't be that big, not yet!

Jacob getting a ride on his Papa. It's not the Jeep, but it will do!

Ammon convinced me to buy them some cotton candy! Which I should have gotten a picture of, he told the lady that he wanted it a little big cause he had to share with his brother! The thing was huge! I had to hold the top so that it didn't fall!

I had to get this picture, because Ammon is my clean freak!! He hates being dirty, even a little. He used to change his clothes, 2 or 3 times a day because something was spilt on him! I have since convinced him that water doesn't get you dirty! Plus a little dirt wont kill you if you're not leaving the house! Right after I took this he said "OK mom now give me the baby wipes so that I can get unsticky!"