Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rest and Relaxation

This week Joe's parents came up from the Mount Pleasant/Manti Area and took the boys home with them for a few days. I was nervous at first since this was Jacob's first time from me, and he is kinda a mamma's boy. He did really well, but he did have his Abba (Ammon) with him. They had a ton of fun with Papa and Grandma. Grandma works for Head Start so on the 24th of July they were able to ride in the Head Start bus in the parade. They threw toys out the windows and had a blast! Grandma also took them to the Museum in Fairview. They played outside allot. Jumping on the trampoline, swinging, playing in the water and just being with Aunt Amy Joanne and Grandma. They roasted Marshmallows and Hot Dogs! They have chickens and a horse. So the boys were in heaven. When Debi asked Jacob Sunday morning if he was ready to come home and he said "uhha aaah" meaning no way!

Joe and I had fun! We were able to go to two movies and spend time together! I was able to do allot of shopping with Shannon! We got so much wedding stuff done that we couldn't do with the boys! We missed the boys, but enjoyed the time we had. By Saturday I didn't know what to do with myself, so I sat down and read a book! I don't remember the last time I was able to start and finish a book!

Sunday morning the boys were home! Just in time to help get things ready for some of their uncles to go shooting with Joe. We got the food ready for dinner so that we could eat when they got back. It was great to see David, Amy Dawn and their son Kolton. As well as Uncle Michael! Kolton and Jacob are 12 days apart, so it is fun when we can get them together! Sadly we don't see them as much as we like, but we do enjoy the times that we can get together!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Super Hero Helpers

The last week we have been busy, but have found time to play. Ammon has been wanting to help with house work. He wanted to make dinner with me. So we made tacos and I let him put the sour cream and cheese on the shells. He thought that was the best dinner ever! He also loves to vacuum the front room for me.

Then Ammon and Jacob love to pretend! Most of yesterday they were Batman and Superman. They were haveing fun flying (running) up and down the hall. I was doing dishes when I hear Ammon say "Oh no mom, Batman (Jacob) just fell from the clouds." So I went to check on Batman, who never lets falling stop him from going again. Just as I start to head back to the kitchen I see Superman (Ammon) push Batman and of course he falls. This time he is alot slower to stand back up. Then Ammon says "Mom, Batman fell from the clouds again and I think he might be hurt." He was fine and got up flying again.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy 4th of July

We've had a pretty busy week. My cousin's kids came over and we rode the bus to 7 Peaks where we had fun in the water. Plus I have been trying to help my sister Shannon with wedding plans, it's slowly coming along.

For the 4th of July my dad's boss gave him tickets to the breakfast/balloon launch in Provo. So he came and picked me and the boys up at 6am. After breakfast we went to my parents house which is a couple blocks from the Provo parade route. We walked to the parade where we sat with Scott and his family, and Shannon. I had to keep an eye on Ammon because he kept trying to run out and pet any horse that walked by!

On Saturday my dad's work had a party at Lagoon. So We spent all day at Lagoon with our cousins! It was fun, but Ammon wanted to do all the big scary roll a costers, that he was to short for. He was able to do a few "scary" ones that His cousin Cassie (who is tall enough to do most rides) wanted nothing to do with. And Jacob wasn't tall enough to hang out with the other kids so we stayed at kiddy land. And he hated being seperated from his brother! Silly me left the camera with my mom, but was able to capture just how exhusting the trip was! We walked in and I asked Ammon to go potty and get his PJ's on, then I went back to get stuff out of the car. When I came back Ammon had passed out in front of the toilet!

Well my kids are "killing" each other (with fake guns), but usually that ends in a fist fight so I am off for the week.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

You're My Friend

This is my Aunt Dorine and the boys on the train at the reunion. I had Ammon sit on her lap on one of the hay rides and he feel in love with her! The rest of the night he held her hand and kept saying your my friend! Then of course Jacob didn't want to be left of the action. Thanks Dorine, I love the pictures!