Saturday, October 11, 2008

How Not To Be Sneaky

Ammon and I decided to make cookies and give them to our neighbors and friends. So we made ghost, cat, and pumpkin cookies. We put them on plates, made copies of some cute Halloween poems. Then I explained that we need to deliver them in the dark and run so that they wouldn't know that it was us! He asked why and I told him that it would be more fun for it to be a surprise I also told him that when he saw them not to mention the cookies!

First we went to his friend Mary's house who lives on a corner, I helped him put the cookies on the porch. I told him to ring the doorbell and to meet me around the corner. Well he ran as far as their driveway before he started crying cause he couldn't see me. So I tell him "Mommy is over here just keep running. Well I am sure that we got busted, even if they didn't see us we weren't very quite!

Then we went to the house next to us. This should be easy..... It is a duplex where one lives upstairs and one lives downstairs. So by the time we get home they should just be answering the door. So my thinking was to put both plates down, ring both doorbells and to run back to our house. Well it wasn't that easy... Ammon only rings one bell, so I hurry and ring the other bell. Then I whisper for him to run across the grass. Well their lawn was wet so Ammon slipped. I tried to pick him up and continue to run, but slipped as well. We ended up rolling on their lawn and laughing. We get to our porch just as their door opens. I think man we again are busted!

Well yesterday they were outside as we were leaving and Ammon ran over to say hi to them. Then she tells me thanks for the cookies. I laugh and tell her that we really tried to be sneaky. She laughs and said we didn't know who they were from, but Ammon just told me it was him and asked if I liked the cookies he left.

The moral of the story is if you plan on doing things in secret, keep the secret from your kids!!!


Amy said...

Hey Heather it's Amy. So my sister has wanted me to start a blog for a while and today she actually set one up for me. I do go on quite often and check yours. I was laughing when I read yours and Ammon's experience with delivering cookies. Hope things are going well for you guys!

Kwint and Gina Kemp Family said...

Cute story. Kids are so funny. It was good for them to have the experience anyway, right? I had a surprise party for Kwint and Kaeleb kept it a secret until the morning of the party. He whispered very loudly to the baby "After we get home we can get ready for Dad's party." Kwint said "Party? What party?" and Kaeleb said "I wasn't talking to you!" Oh well!