Monday, November 3, 2008

Just an up date.

Just a quick update, because I am exhausted! I got hired on at a daycare/preschool last week and today was my first day! It was 8 hours of diaper changing! We are allowed 8, 1 year olds in our class and we are required to change their diapers every hour. By the time you get through it is time to start over! I was supposed to start as a floater and just help out where ever they needed me. But when I walked in today the lady in charge told me that she changed her mind and put me full time in the toddler class. This is seriously one of the best jobs ever! Playing with kids all day and getting payed for it! Plus my kids get to go with me! They are in different classes, but we cross paths a couple times a day! Jacob is loving it, besides the crossing paths and being reminded that I am near and he can't have me. Ammon is like mommy who? He has 15 kids his age in his class, the poor kid is in heaven! This morning when we were getting ready he said mom I am going to make 20 new friends today! Jacob threw himself to the floor and started a fit! " I no friends mommy, I no friends" Now that we are home he is proud that he did make friends, and is even willing to go back tomorrow!

Joe got a raise at Cal-Ranch and they are training him for management positions. He loves Cal-Ranch and can't wait to progress there! He enjoys the work, even though it isn't law enforcement! We aren't making as much as we are used to or were expecting. And I did have to go back to work, but we are enjoying the changes. The boys love that they get to see daddy more and I like that he gets to spend more time here as well.

I didn't get Halloween pictures this year because we were running around getting things ready for Preschool and work. Jacob needed 3 shots and I had to get a TB test. By the time we were finished it was time to trick or treat main street. Then it was off to the ward Trunk or Treat. We got home and the boys just flopped! They were cowboys again. They started out being hunters riding horses, but by the end of the day the guns were busted, and they wanted their cowboy hats. So let pretend that my picture is new (it is would look very similar). But we did go to a "Bulloween" (Halloween Rodeo) where the bull riders dressed up. Ammon had a blast, they even had a costume contest for the kids and the riders. I did manage to get a few pictures there. I will try and post them later. I am having difficulties at the moment.

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