Saturday, March 14, 2009

Catching Everyone Up

Sorry it has been so long everyone! We have been super busy! I am no longer working which has only meant more time to clean house! I have been trying to potty train Jacob. We aren't accident prof, but we are getting close!

We took the boys shooting on one of Joe's days off. They had fun, but enjoyed looking for brass more.
We also went to Joe's parents house for a visit. We love to go down there, but don't always get the chance. The boys had a blast making art with grandma, but Ammon's favorite thing was the scooter he got for his birthday!

My dad took the boys and me to a BYU hockey game. Which was way to much fun! Jacob wont stop talking about it. "Hockey, we go hockey game." We sat next to the penalty box for the other team. Ammon sat and played with the people in the box. I tried to get pictures, but my camera was to slow.

We also took a drive out to Vernal to see what it is like. Joe applied for a management position in the new Vernal Cal-Ranch. The store will open in May so we will hopefully find out soon and let you know if we are moving or not. While in Vernal we took the boys to the dinosaur museum. They had a blast, but Jacob was tired so by the end he didn't want anything to do with the scary dinosaurs.

We celebrated Ammon's Fifth Birthday on the first of March. We took him to Chuck E Cheese. Has been dieing to go there for at least six months. They had so much fun Jacob wants to go back for his Birthday! He walks around the house talking about winning tickets and playing the games.

Also on the first of March Joe's brother David and wife Amy Dawn had another boy. That makes 4 grandson and girls. So we went to South Jordan and saw the cute new baby! Oh how I love babies to bad we are done! And to bad they don't stay that little I miss the sweet little baby Cryes!

Joe was made President of his Masonic Lodge for the year. Which has added to our busy lives. I swear we have some kind of function every week. Well maybe not, but at least one or two a month! This month has been very full of them! The kids love when we can take them, but also love the grown up only ones that they get to grandma and grandpa Mac's.

I think that this is most of what we have been up to! I am going to hopefully be better at writing every week, but I guess we will see how next week goes!


dorine said...

It was great catching up on your family's activities. Your boys are so precious! But do my poor eyes a favor, and change your background. I had to read the whole thing with a magnifying glass. I looked through all the pictures before I realized there were words between them!

Amy said...

That's a lot of awesome pictures Heather! Thank you so much for coming to see us at the hospital. It was fun. I wish you could have come to Debi's on Sunday! I updated my blog again so now it's your turn. ha ha

Kwint and Gina Kemp Family said...

Your boys have grown so much! It was good to hear how you are doing. Good luck with the job.

Just Batty said...

Yeah, I'm so glad to find your blog! But.... how many kids do you have. I feel so lost from you!